Chica Dificil

Alyssa (ah-lee-sah)

Chicana muxerista from Califas, sassy queer femme fatty, librarian, survivor

Obsessed with painting my nails, winged eyeliner, My Mad Fat Diary, art, music, fierce queers, Bollywood, drag divas, period dramas, books, shoes, The Smiths and all things beautiful!

Almost Famous (2000) 

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Money (That’s What I Want) - Flying Lizards via Empire Records cast

“…lots of money… Joe’s money…

because to this day, i still do Eddie & Mark’s dance whenever this song comes on.

#i can recite this whole movie verbatim. #i’m awesome like that


I can recite lines from the movie as well..I am equally as awesome or I was really bored and watched this movie way too many times!

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Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (1979) (Dir. Allan Arkush)


Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (1979) (Dir. Allan Arkush)