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Alyssa (ah-lee-sah)

Chicana muxerista from Califas, sassy queer femme fatty, librarian, survivor

Obsessed with painting my nails, winged eyeliner, My Mad Fat Diary, art, music, fierce queers, Bollywood, drag divas, period dramas, books, shoes, The Smiths and all things beautiful!


“We’re from England”

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Was I the only one bothered by Summer Phoenix’s mustache in this movie?

nope! it bothered me too girl!

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Adam & The Ants
Beat My Guest


beat my guest - adam and the ants

black and blue, baby i love you!

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Generation X
Kiss me deadly

Kiss me deadly 
Kiss me deadly 
Kiss me deadly 
Kiss me 
Kiss me tonight

Kiss me deadly, Generation X

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