Chica Dificil

Alyssa (ah-lee-sah)

Chicana muxerista from Califas, sassy queer femme fatty, librarian, survivor

Obsessed with painting my nails, winged eyeliner, My Mad Fat Diary, art, music, fierce queers, Bollywood, drag divas, period dramas, books, shoes, The Smiths and all things beautiful!


Nautical map birthday dress from modcloth! Present to myself, including the map necklace!

This one goes out to my mapshion/traveling wardrobe pals butstilli chicadificil greenangelheart! (And everyone else who likes pretty dresses!)

My photo shoot was photo bombed by my cousin’s dog, Murphy, and I found out I have a growing silver streak in the back of my hair! 

You are a vision in this insanely beautiful dress Shawna! Murphy the dog can’t even outshine you. What a wonderful purchase I guess I should check out Mod Cloth. I love the sandals, the curl in your hair and the pedi! I do need a closeup of the necklace to as Steph greenangelheart suggested. xox!